A beautiful self-epitaph from Bob McLean

The wine world lost another two leading lights this week, with Anne-Claude Leflaive and Bob McLean both departing this mortal coil, at the age of 59 and 67 respectively.

While I know Anne-Claude only be reputation, Bob I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few times over the years and he was quite complementary of this little blog.

In person he was an absolute character, with a wisdom that comes from having seen just about everything in the wine industry. An inspired communicator he was too, absolutely bursting with anecdotes.

Fitting then that he came up with one of the most erudite and quite beautiful self epitaphs/exit interviews (of sorts) I’ve read. The sort of yarn that makes me wish I knew Bob better.

You can read the full story over at Philip White’s (also brilliant) blog:

‘Bob McLean – I am dead’

Australian Wine Review

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