Every year they are more always the university students that choose the city of Palermo for their run of studies. It will be perhaps for the good kitchen, the air of sea, the natural and landscape beauties. Done is it that, from every part of Italy, the universities palermitanes are track floods of desirous students to learn and to acquire the tools to find their space and role in the world of the job.

Yet the life of the university students, especially if they come from other cities, is not out then so easy and without problems, as someone could think instead.

The first obstacle that the student, moved just him to a new city, must face it is perhaps that more complex, in how much able to hide the greatest traps. It deals with finding the house / apartment / room in which to live, in which to spend therefore the greatest part of his/her own time and whether to be able, obviously, to study. The choice of the place in which to live for an university student is very important and delicate therefore, from the moment whether to find with roommates or house too much noisy can become, indeed, a problem.

Especially during the periods of examinations, then, the student has need of calm and silence to be able to study and to make to the best, without excessive troubles or distractions.

Besides the calm then, and to the correct roommates, in the choice of the apartment in which to live results central the position in the city where the residence is found.

Having, in fact,  an apartment away from the university can reveal a big problem,

since it means to have to cross long lines afoot or with the half public, with consequent waste of time and money.

The student’s room, however, over that next to the university, if possible must be not also distant from the center of the city, usually privileged place of meeting and fun of the young people.

It needs in fact to remember that the university student, over obviously to study and to frequent the lessons, is always also a twenty year-old youth, which has also need (over that the right) to have a good time, to go out with the friends, to go to of the parties and to know new people.

Room with calm and kind roommates, therefore, and position of the house not too far neither from the university neither from the center. They are these the ideal characteristics and the principal demands that the university student must satisfy.

If also you, therefore, have intention to live as university student in Palermo, remember that Palermo Erasmus Life is the easiest solution you can find to look for a flat or a bedroom in Palermo.

It will be an unforgettable experience and all to live, in which you will be able only not to learn new things but also to humanly grow.

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