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The Bosman family is committed to more than just wine. Instilled with a deep respect for both man and nature, they have long believed in and implemented social, economic and environmental practices that develop the community and promote sustainable farming. The relationship between the family and their team is evident in the fact that many of the 260 full-time workers on the estate are 5th generation families that have as deep a passion for winemaking as the Bosmans themselves. With an ownership of a full 30% across the whole business, a solid skills transfer system and numerous social projects, the workers are invested in every aspect of Bosman Family Vineyards.

In 2009, the Bosmans’ ethical and sustainable methods of producing and trading their wine received official Fairtrade certification. In 2008, a landmark joint venture between Bosman Family Vineyards and the Adama Workers Trust saw the formation of the biggest Land Reform deal in the wine industry to date, with eligible workers receiving co-ownership of 430ha of prime farming land. It is an exceptional example of a multi-ownership business.

The Wines

Bosman Family Vineyards are proud suppliers of Fairtrade Wines to some of the UK’s leading retailers. They supply three wines to The Co-operative – a Fairtrade Chardonnay, a Fairtrade Shiraz and Fairtrade Truly Irresistible Sauvignon Blanc. Two wines to Sainsbury’s, Taste the Difference Fairtrade Chenin Blanc and Taste the Difference Fairtrade Cabernet Merlot. They also supply Marks and Spencer with Peacock Tail Sauvignon Blanc.

On the branded side of the business De Bos Handpicked Vineyard range is the premium Fairtrade offering. The name “De Bos” is the name of the Walker Bay Vineyards owned by the Bosman family and the Adama Appollo Workers Trust. It is at the De Bos vineyards where the Vine Garden is. A totally unique vineyard, home to over 50 cultivars and their respective clones, is an integral part of the Bosman vine growing business. Bosman not only make wine, but are the leading supplier of vines to the South African industry, supplying some 30% of all vines planted in South Africa. So they are truly a primary producer, from rootstock to bottle.

As a result of Fairtrade wine sales, many amazing social projects have been initiated, maintained and expanded on the farms owned by the Bosman family and the Adama Appollo Workers Trust. Over 1350 beneficiaries have been impacted by the sales of Fairtrade wines.

Investment has been made on

  • A fully operational and much prized pre-school for over 100 learners
  • A large and small school bus
  • A library and community centre
  • A computer training centre
  • A counselling room and drug rehabilitation programme
  • A health clinic
  • Fruit and vegetable tunnels
  • Computer training, literacy and scholarship programmes
  • A karate, rugby, athletics and cricket club
  • Children’s play parks
  • Renovations and security at the Bosman Adama old age home


“I have been living at the Adama Appollo Retirement Home for over 8 years.  The recent renovations have given me a new sense of pride in my home.  It always makes me feel special when my friends visit me and they comment on how clean and neat the retirement home is.  The inhabitants also feel safer with the new security gate that has been installed.” Samai Samuels Resident Caretaker of the Adama Appollo Retirement Home Age: 78


“The new big bus has helped me to be more punctual, so I do not miss the bus in the mornings!  It also helped that I do not have to wait for long periods of time to get taken to school in the mornings or back home in the afternoons.  Everybody has a comfortable seat in the bus”. Carlo van WeseSecondary school pupil. Age: 16

“The new small bus is very comfortable, especially for the elderly, pregnant females and toddlers.  It gives me great joy when people thank me for transporting them promptly and safely.  I feel empowered by empowering others to do what they have to do” Dennis October. Transport officer. Age: 56


“With 98% more children enrolled to the Pre-school in 2014 compared to 2012 (the year before the external renovations), the school is thriving and we are approached by many parents from neighbouring towns wanting to enrol their children in our school. Such is the reputation we have built and the service we are able to provide as a result of Fairtrade sales. It is beyond a dream!” Fytjie April. Principal at the Bovlei Community Crèche. Age: 52

“Many of the workers complain about the large portion of their income utilized to service their current debt.  This is debt that has accumulated over years due to uniformed financial decision that have been made by some workers.  I welcome the sound financial guidance and counselling that is available at the new community centre in order to help me and others get out of the debt trap and do better financial planning for the future”. Gawie Plaatjies. Vine nursery team leader. Age: 38


The projects for 2015/2016 include a new community village and housing units.

The Bosman Estate wines, including De Bos range, are available from SA Wines Online and De Bos is also stocked by Oddbins.

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