Where to buy vegan wine

Currently there is a big debate over going vegetarian or vegan: some argue that animal proteins should not be eaten at all, some claim that animals have the same rights as us and should not be killed or even kept in farms and exploited. Whatever one thinks about this matter, what is sure is that a healthy diet includes a significant number of portions of fruits and vegetables per day, as they provide our bodies with the correct amount of fibers, minerals and vitamins.

Most wine drinkers probably do not know it, but not all wines are suitable for vegans and not even for vegetarians.
The reason for this is simple: even though the beverage is made from grapes, some animal derivates – such as egg albumen, milk casein or a gelatine obtained from the swim bladder of fish – may be used for the clarification of the wine.

Albumen and casein are acceptable in a vegetarian diet, but they are not suitable for vegans: that is why it is important to know where to buy vegan wine that has been made using alternative products to filter, clarify and stabilize it, like a clay mineral called bentonite. As an alternative, it is also possible to produce wine without filtering it: an option that some wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs love, as it preserves all of the natural aromas and flavours of the grapes.

Choosing a vegan lifestyle will not stop you from trying some of the best bottles of the world: if you can get to know where to buy vegan wine, you will also find out that great wines – like red and white wines from Tuscany or a strong, full bodied Amarone della Valpolicella – made without using any animal product.

Needless to say, not all vegan wines are also excellent. Finding the right shop or – if you are a fan of e-commerce – website where to buy vegan wine is necessary to avoid bad surprises.
In a market that is growing day after day, it is important to

  • get informed,
  • read as many reviews as possible,
  • maybe listen to a friend’s advice
  • and most of all rely on trustworthy and experienced companies.

If wine is a pleasure to taste and enjoy responsibly, vegan wine will let you explore a world of perfumes and aromas that will accompany your favourite and healthy dishes.

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