Introducing Baby Micaela

Today marks two weeks since Micaela Lauren Ramírez Caskey arrived in our lives on July 22, 2014 at 12:50pm. It’s been simultaneously the fastest and longest two weeks of my life filled with more adrenaline, love, and emotions than I have ever experienced. How do I write about something like this and a little person I have only known outside my womb for half a month? Her arrival has changed everything in our life—for the better—although we are certainly adapting to the changes and lack of sleep.

The birth itself, without going into too many details, was beautiful and exactly as we’d dreamed and planned for. Completely natural with no anesthesia, drugs, nor intervention, I labored at home with my husband and doula before arriving fully dilated at the hospital to welcome our baby girls into my arms shortly after.  I was blessed with a fast labor and supported by an amazing birth team. Micaela came into this world with her eyes wide open and that first, sweet glance made us melt—like she was always meant to be ours. Truly love at first sight. I am still wrapping my head around the experience that was completely transformational in so many ways.

Our parents have been present to savor these first weeks of her life as new grandparents and help us manage life in “baby time”. Some days are fluid, others less so, but I learn so much about myself through this little miracle that is our daughter. Sometimes her eyes remind me of my own, other times her gestures look exactly like her uncle…her delicate little lips are painted like a rose and a carbon copy of my husband’s and I could spend hours watching her “smile series” as she falls asleep.

The best part? This is only the beginning of our adventures together as a family and exploration of the world.

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