Recipes: Dry Creek Vineyard Wine Pairings

Here at TuscanVines our love for Italian wine and fine food is well known.  We enthusiastically embrace the wine lifestyle;  the idea that life slows, bottles uncork and family relaxes at the rustic kitchen table.  Wine and food are inextricably linked with family and conversation.  Nowhere is that more true than Italy and in that spirit, we feature an extensive Recipes Page,...

Vineyard Update: An Alternative to Weed Killers

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Vineyard Update: Employing Integrated Farming

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Giesen Fuder Clayvin Vineyard Chardonnay 2012

Tasted blind in a bracket of four Chardonnay, mix of years and regions. Another barrel ferment Chardonnay, where evidence of that technique is clearly on show. Carried out with an even hand, not assaulting the nostrils: the toast, creamy smoke give the wine a profile that lends gravitas. Spice, toast, textural – giving a fuller, rounder presence to the wine. None of that skinny, picked far...

Carmen Wines Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the Rediscovery of Carmenère in Carmen’s Estate Vineyard

ST. HELENA, California (November 5, 2014) – Carmen, Chile’s oldest winery, is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the rediscovery of Carmenère, a varietal that has come to exemplify Chile’s proud wine heritage.  Thought to be extinct, the treasured grape was rediscovered on November 24, 1994 in one of Carmen’s estate vineyards.  The rediscovery of Carmenère has helped to define Chile’s...

Bottling Volunteers Needed Loving Cup Vineyard

The wines from Loving Cup’s last year’s crop are aging nicely—the whites in tanks, and the reds in barrels. They are planning on bottling the white wines the 1st and 2nd weekends of March, and you are welcome to participate. They will work Saturday and Sunday, 9 am – 3:30 pm. Lunch (and lunch libations) Wish Wish Charlottesville Wine Tours » Blog

Vineyard Update: Substituting the Vines

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Vineyard Update – Fertilizing the Vineyards

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Vineyard Update – The Tramontana and the Virtues of Planting Grasses in the Vineyard

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Selecting the best bunches in the vineyard is what makes the difference in quality

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Today we began picking Paganelli, our top vineyard

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SideTrip: Stagecoach Vineyard

~ The Stagecoach Vineyard ~ A vineyard so great, it has it’s own website.  That speaks volumes and as one of Napa Valley’s greatest vineyards,  it seemed a natural desination for our latest #SideTrip.   Early American history and tales of the wild west have bestowed this vineyard with it’s name.   In the early 1800’s, the gentlemen...

Wine Country And Vineyard Weddings: Personal Touches

Are there weight loss centers that you can visit for this program? Unfortunately there are not weight loss centers, but there is quite a bit of information and guidance found on the internet. napa valley – If you are a lover of good wine, nothing beat’s California’s wine country. napa valley is home to numerous wineries and vineyards that are ready to give you a tour and sample tasting. OHire...


Biodynamics In simple terms, biodynamics in the vineyard refers to soil treatment and reflecting certain cosmic influences in viticultural practices. I certainly noticed increased freshness and vibrancy in wines where more organic practices were applied, such as Cullen or Clonakilla, but I have been a sceptic in relation to the impact of moon cycles etc. The argument of the impact of the moon on...

SideTrip: Arrowood

SideTrip: Arrowood ~ Welcome to Arrowood Winery ~ Perched along an innocuous little section of the Sonoma Highway in Glen Ellen, sits a gem of a winery hiding in plain sight. In fact, if you aren’t paying attention, you may drive right past thinking it’s simply another gorgeous home. But as the home suggests, sitting among the vines, there is much more here than meets the eye.Founded...

Montalto The Eleven Chardonnay 2012

Montalto The Eleven Chardonnay 2012 The Montalto Single Vineyard wines are the sort that would apply to Chardonnay lovers, for their quality, along with wine nerds – like myself – for the detail provided on the reverse label.The Montalto ‘The Eleven’ Chardonnay comes off a vineyard sitting at around 100 metres, a single clone – the regionally prominent P58, one of the...

TTB Cements Ability of U.S. Winemakers to Meet World Wine Trade Group’s Single Field of Vision Concept

TTB Cements Ability of U.S. Winemakers to Meet World Wine Trade Group’s Single Field of Vision Concept On June 10, 2013, the TTB published an amendment to 27 CFR Part 4, allowing greater flexibility for Wine labeling conforming the TTB wine labeling regulations to the World Wine Trade Group’s regulations on the content of wine labels. A full copy of the World Wine Trade Group’s regulations...

Ridge Geyserville Vineyard

Ridge Geyserville Vineyard The 2007 Ridge Geyserville Vineyard is a blend based on Zinfandel. Blueberry and blackberry notes start the fruit profile on the front palate. This wine is bold and dominated by a sweet plummy core on the mid palate. It finishes a bit harsh, but this Ridge is a great ‘barbeque’ wine – and a serious one at that.Score: 88/++ via Alontin’s Australian...

IL Divasco

IL Divasco Founded in 1970 by Santi Mantengoli, the La Rasina estate was not unlike many neighboring properties dotting the rolling hills of Montalcino. The principal direction of the farm were staple crops like grains, cereals and wine that was consumed by the family and sold in bulk to locals that visited the estate.In the early 1980’s, when Santi’s son Vasco adopted a more prominent...

Court Addresses Some Issues That Every Winery, Brewery, Importer, and Merchant Needs to Consider Before Making an Interstate Shipment

Court Addresses Some Issues That Every Winery, Brewery, Importer, and Merchant Needs to Consider Before Making an Interstate Shipment The use of the internet and email as a tool for agreeing to interstate alcohol shipments is forcing courts to consider some inevitable issues. Recently, a Massachusetts appellate court considered the problem of where and when an importer dealing over email can bring...