The Fairhills Fairtrade project is one of the largest in the world…

In 2005 Origin Wine and the farm employees of the 22 individual producers supplying Du Toitskloof Cooperative established the internationally accredited Fairhills Association, an accredited Fairtrade project, in Rawsonville. The aim of the Fairhills Association is to create revenue, through their wine brands, which will enable them to uplift the people within the community by growing their skills base. The revenue generated through wine sales enable the Fairhills project not only to develop new occupational opportunities for the community, but also to improve basic living conditions and provide cost efficient medical services to the Fairhills community. 

Social benefits include:

  • Fairhills Day-Care centres for 210 infants and toddlers – providing caretaking, nutrition, free healthcare, medicine and education through:
    • Development of Fairhills Lorraine Primary School to a complete primary school (Grade R to Grade 7) through the construction of classrooms and kitchen
    • Development of Fairhills Brandwacht Primary  School to a complete primary school (Grade R to Grade 7) through the construction of classrooms and kitchen
    • Construction of the Fairhills Usizo computer centre – providing full time computer literacy programs for 400 scholars and adults
    • Construction of the Fair Exchange library – providing full time librarian and research facilities for scholars and adults
    • Construction of Fairhills community and training centre
    • Construction of the Fair Exchange medical centre  and the provision of full time medical team
    • Purchase and provision of the Fair Exchange mobile clinic to visit members at their homes or workplaces
    • Purchase of a Fairhills bus
    • Undertaking the largest adult literacy program in the Western Cape
    • An alcohol rehabilitation programme
    • A housing renovation programme
    • Tertiary study bursary programme for gifted scholars

In light of the success achieved with Fairhills, Origin Wine has proceeded to develop a Fairtrade Organic initiative in Northern Cape, Phambili Workers’ Trust and has recently added another Fairtrade Project with producers from Brandvlei Wine Cellar, Fairhills Brandvlei, in the Worcester region.

Origin Wines say “For us Social Awareness is a way of doing business and ensuring the sustainability of our wine and our people. When people ask us why we chose Fairtrade, the only answer is ‘Why not?’

Why not buy a Fairtrade wine that will help improve someone else’s life? Why not enjoy your wine knowing that, at the same time, you are contributing to sustainable development?”

The Fairhills wines are available from all major retailers including Tesco, Virgin Wines and Morrison’s.

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