The new and improved (?!) Lindemans St George Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

Lindemans St George Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

Like the new packaging? I put this picture out on twitter today and most of the feedback was negative. I think it’s ok, though it doesn’t actually improve anything – the label isn’t the problem.

What do you think?

This release is all arms and legs too. Deep red, there’s clearly warm year ripe fruit on the nose and palate, a thickness and warmth, topped off with sweet coconutty oak too. There’s that classic St George tannic edge underneath, but there is almost a swing too far to something ripe and modern and meaty, away from the more leafy classic St George style.

Look, it’s going to get better but little cohesion between warm, almost spirity alcohol, coconut oak and dry tannins at the moment. I couldn’t drink it, but I’m cutting it some slack as there is promise underneath and its clearly way too young. Still…

Details: 14%, Screwcap
Tasted: April 2015, Tasting
Best drinking: 2017-2028+
Score: 16.8/20, 89/100+
Would I buy it? No.
Buy online: Not available as yet (that I can find)

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