Weddings and wine: a great marriage

From several years Italy has become the subject of a phenomenon called "destination wedding". A trend where more and more couples of foreign spouses decide to come to get married in our country. There are many reasons that push a foreign couple to get married in Italy. Many of them are in love with Italy since a previous trip. In other cases one of the sposuses is Italian. Or more simply a foreign couple choose our country for its amazing scenery, for its prestigious old houses where set their own wedding, but also simply to the goodness of food and wines.

Those who want to get married in Italy can choose between many destinations. From the art cities to the Great Lakes, from the Amalfi Coast without forgetting the verdant hills of Tuscany, Umbria and Friuli. Friuli in particular has recently been elected as essential destination as regards wine tourism, has not surprisingly the same Lonely Planet as one of the stated goals in 2016 inevitable especially for those who love good wine.

Who chooses the latter three destinations should definitely organize their wedding banquet at a typical farmhouse in the vineyards. If the farm also includes a winery and cellars in which to refine the wine, the wine will definitely be the star of your ceremony.

Do not forget to match every scope of your banquet, the best matching wine, and if the farm has a winery do not forget to arrange a tour for your guests. You can also think, to entertain your guests, to arrange a mini wine tasting course.

Or if your guests arrive from abroad the day before the ceremony, let them welcome with a great glass of wine and a tray that proposes the most classic combinations of DOP cheeses, fruit compotes and honey even better if organic.

The more ideas? Why not think of a nice bottle of wine as a personalized wedding favor for your post? You will be sure to have made a particularly appreciated gift and not go to waste.

If your wedding full of wine and italianity will arrive in Venice, you can count on the professionalism of Glaucus Comoretto wedding photographer in Venice which with its unique expertise will make your wedding photo in Italy, with or without wine! In Venice, the wine can be tasted during a fine dining or in a typical restaurant between channels and calli (a tipical Venetian square).

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